Why you should hire a local Removal Company

Why you should hire a local Removal Company

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Why you should hire a removal company instead of moving your own stuff
Do you hire a moving company? Or do you move your own belongings? This is a question that many customers struggle with when planning their move. It’s not surprising that moving house can be expensive. People often consider the work they can do.
What should you think about when deciding whether to hire a removal company or rent a van and do the job yourself?

This article will discuss

Time-saving tips from removal companies
Movers have the ability to pack fragile and valuable items
What a removal company can do for you if you are moving with children
Benefits of hiring a removal company in case things change during a move
How to make moving easier
Consider these things if you are certain that you want to move instead
How do I hire a moving company


Yes, if you have the budget to hire a professional removalist company. Although it may seem cheaper, there are many reasons why hiring a professional removal company might be a better choice for you and your family. These are our top reasons to hire a removals company.

Moving companies can help you save time.
It takes time to move house. It takes time to pack, move and unload your belongings.

Moving: Professional removal companies help people move every day. They’re experts at packing! You’ve probably moved before and know how difficult it is to pack. It can take weeks, especially if you have to fit it all in with your job or care for the children.
Loading Think about how much time it takes to pack and load small vans (are you good at Tetris?) You may need to load several cars, especially if the items are difficult to move (how did that delivery company manage to get that sofa back in there?!) Plus the trips back and forth for unloading, loading, and unpacking if you try to do it yourself.
There are many other factors that can delay or take away from the packing and loading process. There might be furniture that is difficult to lift, valuable or delicate items that need extra protection, or weather conditions that are not as favorable. This can lead to delays and make it more stressful.

You can trust your mover to take care of everything. All of this information will be taken into consideration when planning your move. This will ensure that the appropriate resources and time are allotted to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

  1. Professional movers are experts at packing fragile, valuable and precious items.
    professional removers are trained and skilled in wrapping and packing We all have things in our homes that are valuable, heavy, fragile, or sentimental. Just the thought of moving them around from one place to the next can cause stress. A professional removal company can help you protect your belongings in the unlikely event that they are damaged or destroyed.

You will be provided with all necessary packing materials to ensure that everything is protected.

  1. Moving with young children can be a lot easier.
    Moving house can be stressful enough. But adding a child or two to the equation will make it even more difficult. Even the most sane parent can be overwhelmed by the task of packing, finding the right items to find in the middle of the night and keeping them out of reach.

A professional removal company may be able to help you with some of these tasks. It takes care of the packing and loading so you can concentrate on other more important tasks. Many removal companies offer unpacking services. Others have extra handymen or housemaids who can help you with all the details such as hanging pictures, shelves, reassembling furniture and fitting light fixtures.

  1. If your move situation is susceptible to change or problems arise, it could be easier to deal with them.
    Moving from A to B is not always as simple as it seems. You’ll know that even the most organized move can be complicated or unexpected if you’ve done it before.

Temporary accommodation is a good option for moving
You might need to rent accommodation while you look for a house to purchase, or you may be moving in with your friends while your dream home is being built. Or maybe your chain has become stalled. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, you will be left with one problem: how to deal with all your belongings while you are in transition. There are many reputable removal firms that offer storage services. Even if you’re not moving your house directly, it’s worth looking into this option. You’ll be able to rest assured that your goods will be properly packed and handled.

Last-minute challenges and problems on the move
Moving day problems can be difficult. Removal company crews and managers are trained to identify potential problems and address them quickly. You can focus on other things, such as finding a place to park your lorry at the new house or repairing an item that was damaged in the rush to pack.

  1. Are you already stressed? Moving can be stressful enough without professional help.
    Moving house can be stressful. It’s possible that you have been going through months, if not years, of stressful negotiations and anxiety to find a buyer and your new home. You have probably had enough of trying to get solicitors to respond to you and enduring new fees and dates that keep falling ….. We doubt that you had an easy time renting. After all, the viewings have finished and you’ve gone through all the landlord hoops, we bet you’re stressed.

If you feel like this, the idea of moving into your new home is exciting. But the task of getting there is not so exciting. This is the step that you can leave to the professionals and do not need to be involved in. You can have your home at your old house and your new home in one day. All you need to do is get in your car and drive there, and point to the places you want. For a no-obligation quote, get in touch with a company.

If you’re thinking about moving your house without a removal company, here are some things to consider.
Although it is easy to think that hiring a van will be more affordable than doing it yourself, you should also consider the following when calculating your costs:

What is the cost of van hire? Consider the time it will take to pick up and return the van. You may need multi-day van hire if you are moving on a weekend. Some companies have shorter opening hours or close on weekends.
What number of trips are you going to need? What is the time it will take to get around if you don’t have enough time?

How much fuel will you need?
What are the costs of your packing materials? Where can you find them? Avoid using supermarket boxes, as they aren’t strong enough to move your valuable possessions.

Who will help you lift the heavy stuff?

You’ll need help lifting heavy furniture and boxes. You should ensure you have enough helpers who are fit and capable to complete the task without causing injury to you, your stuff or yourself. Consider the cost of paying them back, even if it’s a simple meal or a few drinks.

How will you get large or awkward items out?

Some items can be difficult to maneuver or get around. Professional movers will be able to identify these issues and plan ahead.

Is your insurance covered for any damage?

The majority of home contents insurance policies do not cover damage to your house if you hire a professional mover.
There are certain situations where you might want to hire a removal company.
We don’t recommend moving without a professional because there is a higher chance of something going wrong or stress. These are:

Moving a lot of stuff can make it difficult to move anything beyond a two-bedroom apartment.
Lighten tight stairways or take a long walk if you have difficulty accessing either property.
Extra care is required if you have valuable or fragile items.
You have heavy or large furniture
If you are really busy and don’t have time, especially if your goal is to move to a new job or get settled as soon as possible.


We ran a competition with Rightmove to discover your most hilarious moving day stories. Some of these were horrendous! We got some hilarious comments from the contest entrants ….

“My husband and his mate drove off from the apartment ready to take a load of our furniture to the new house. Looking out of the window whilst preparing the next load I watched as the sofa cushions and furniture (wardrobe) slid off the back of the van! Argh! No damage – how? The wardrobe fell onto the sofa cushions! Almost a drama…almost!”

My husband was driving the big van, and I was driving my mini with all of my clothes. Halfway there, in a busy street I had a puncture. To get to the spare, I had to empty all of my clothes and place them on the roof. It was embarrassing .”

“Me and my partner rented a van to move our belongings ourselves to save money. I was nervous about driving the van and careful about not stepping on any boxes. My caution led me to accidentally run over my partner’s feet. We have since hired moving men em for all future moves.

My husband wanted to cut down on the cost of moving so he decided to pack himself. He started packing ‘weeks in advance’, not wanting to rush. Everything was going smoothly – no breaks, no arguments, etc…until Bojangles, our beloved cat, disappeared. We believed she ran away from all the stress and spent many days searching for her. It was a mixed bag of excitement and heartbreak that came with moving day. After finally reaching our new home, we began to unpack. Box after box…To cut a long tale yep…ripping the parcel tape from a large bedroom box…A huge SCREECHY MEEEEOOOWWW! My beloved Bo-Bo was packed away for days with a duvet and a duvet. Thankfully she was fine – bedraggled, hungry, very thirsty but still very much alive! Needless to state, I was thrilled – but hubby is still inside the dog house with Boo-Bo em>

Our tip The most common reason people say they want to do it themselves is because they believe it will save money. When weighing the pros and cons of hiring a professional to move you, consider the cost of the van and the distances you will need to travel. Also consider the cost of fuel and the costs of people who will help you. Consider what it will cost you to replace damaged or broken items. A professional removal company may seem expensive on paper but they can usually move you in one trip using properly trained staff that can pack and load the truck. You should also be covered by their insurance policy if your goods are damaged. Your peace of mind can be priceless.

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